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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Computer troubleshooting:"handling various problems of your pc and virus protection"

Problem no. 1

There is no power in mainboard after switching on  cpu.

Solution 1:
This can be due to your mainboard touching the cpu body.

So what you have to do
make it isolated..

i.e remove mainboard and smps from the cpu..
and put it on a wooden table or any insulating material..

as shown in image...

also see your cpu fan is not loose..
now power on the smps..

the mainboard will surely start if earthing is problem

Solution 2:

if the problem is not solved by above solution then this can be due to fault in smps

i.e. u have to check your smps whether it’s working fine..

first supply the power to your smps n then see the image below how to test it..

just use the tester as above(note that the tester should touch that silver metal inside the hole of power connector ) and similiarly test every power connector from smps to devices and mainboard.
if the light glows in tester it means there is power ..and the connector is fine.

Problem 2:

There is a power in mainboard  but there is no display i.e there is light in keyboard n mouse n cpu but no display in monitor..(and monitor and its cable is working fine)

solution 1:

this can be due to faulty settings made in bios or cmos settings by an virus or any other application ,, or accidently by you..

to restore this you have to reset the jumpers...
i.e. as shown below in image..
its the initial position

and u have to set it to this position

as shown in image...

you can also break your cmos password by it.

solution 2:

if the problem is not solved by above solution 1, then the problem is actually due to ram ,either its loose or might be physically damaged..
if its loose unplug it and clean its below portion from both sides as shown in image with an eraser,,

Re plug it and restart your cpu..

if the problem still persists you need to replace your ram.

Problem 3:
The computer restarts again and again after working for a specific period of time..

this can be due to loose wiring in your cpu or loose cards like ram or loose cpu fan...so tight every bus and power wire from smps to mainboard and other devices...also plug out your ram and replug it as done in above solution..and do not forget to tight your cpu fan also if you are finding it loose...
restart your cpu and if the problem persists you may need to check your smps as explained before...
check every power connector from smps to mainboard to other devices with a tester..and you may find a particular wire with a fault if the wiring and other cards are not loose.

Problem 4:
The windows get stuck every time with a blue screen after working for a certain period of time..
this is mainly due to a virus or an application that tries to acess your physical memory in an unauthorised way ,,leading to a crash in kernel memory..which gives rise to bsod(blue screen of death)..

to solve this first uninstall newly installed applications after which this problem arise
..and then again restart your cpu..or restore your cpu to an earlier point using system restore when it was working fine..Sometimes it’s also due to windows error so just repair your windows also...

and then you have to remove virus from your cpu by using a good antivirus ..just scan and remove it..

if the problem still persists reinstall your ram as explained above....and if the problem still persists there might be a physical damage to your ram..

Protecting your pc from viruses and other malicious programs..

Tip 1:
Always disable autorun.inf file after installing windows.
This will prevent viruses from running automatically.
To do it…
Just go to start -> run -> type regedit
And then go to this path
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping

Right click and create  a new key..
Give it a name autorun.inf
And give it a value @sys:doesnotexist

Tip 2:
25% viruses spread from mass storage devices and usb/cd  drives .
So you have to always check it before opening it.
You can do it manually by using cmd and attrib command but there is a good software available which will also perform the same task, its  called usb disk security..
You can download it from this link..

Tip 3:
Always after surfing internet delete all temporary internet files..
There are chances when viruses spread from  the temporary folder of your browser.
Goto run type %temp% select all and delete all…

Tip 4:
Now apart from above the only source of spreading  of virus left is from sharing or downloading of infected files and softwares..
For this you need to create a restore point using system restore  and keep updated it with weak by weak basis and at any time you feel you have been infected with virus or any sort of malicious program, restore your windows to your so created restore point.
In system restore you do not loose any audio /  video data
Only your exe , .bat file will be restored to that particular time of restore point.

Also sometimes there are problem like
“task manager has been disabled by your administrator”
“registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”
“no folder options”
And any other problem like created by virus..
You can solve them manually but here is a good software..
To solve them without much effort.