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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


hi..to solve the problem of unable to connect to asp.net development server problem u can read this out.

sometimes during debugging of our website code..we get a message
unable to connect to asp.net sever
here is a trick to resolve it
first download the file from following link
http://www.ziddu.com/download/13699026/WebDev.WebServer.rar.htmlextract the file ..
u will get an exe named WebDev.WebServer.exe
simply right click and copy it..
goto your drive containing windows...
by deault this is c drive..
so open
the following path...
C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer\9.0
you will find already a file named WebDev.WebServer.exe..
so what you have to do is simply replace this file...
by right click and paste...
and click yes on the message that you want to replace the file..
yes its done ...

amit kumar singh@bpit


  1. Thanks amit

    It worked like a miracle.

    But i wish to know what the exact issue was as in why it didn't work earlier and why it worked after I followed your simple-2-step-instructions.

    In my case my file was 198K but your file size is 134k

    Warm Regards

  2. Sir it is because your file is a infected file due to problems created by viruses and various other issues.while on the other hand my file is a fresh file which is not infected from any source.so whenever you debug your website what happens at this particular instance is this- your vs calls this file which acts likes a webserver to execute your website..and if it is infected then .net fails to connect to this so called server and you struck up with a message called "unable to connect to asp.net development server"! This is how it works..if any more queries let me know..thank u..n have a nice day!

  3. Tx for the follow up Amit.

    I see what you say Amit. Any comments on file size? I tried to reinstall & got the same sized file 198k. Wondering why your file size is a lil lesser 138k. I am using VS2008+sp1.

  4. Sir , 138 kb is the size of a fresh file when you do a fresh installation of vs 2008 and also note that you havent done even a single debugging previously..and i have noticed that the file size increases as you start more and more debugging.. And increases to 198 kb.. It is in the case of vs 2008 without sp1..

  5. Appreciate it Amit.
    Thanks for the clarifying post.

  6. Hi again Amit....

    Even after I run, the file reverts back to my original file of size 198k and not your file size 138k. Every time I need to copy your file back to that path and only then run :(

    Appreciate any advise to avoid this copy-paste your file everytime I run?

  7. Sir,you do one thing first install a good antivirus software and then again copy the file to specified target and then dont worry anymore with size even if it is 198 kb it will be safe..thank you and have a nice day!

  8. Actually I have McAfee 8.5.0i on Standalone Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition + SP2 with Visual Studio 2008 + SP1. Whenever I restart my server your perfectly working file 138kb is being overwritten by this totally nonworking file 198kb.

  9. Hi Vijay,

    Don't know the exact reason why the file is replaced every time you restart the server, but to avoid manually replacing file again and again what you can do is make a small batch file or script that will replace your file as and when you restart the server.

    Hope this solves your problem for the time being.

    Tanuj Bansal

  10. MIRACLE, Just this word can describe your solution. Thanks a lot AMITBPIT! :*

  11. @vijay
    i want to ask that whether this 198 kb file is creating any problem after replacing with the 138 kb file!

  12. @Amit

    No problems whatsoever (so far) after being overwritten. Just that with every restart of my server, it reverts back to 198k size. Strange thing is, even the file I extracted from your winrar format & saved it in one folder in other drive also gets to size 198k and not your original 138k size. So I have to again extract from winrar format, then get the 138k size and copy it to 9.0 folder to work correctly.

    Anyone interested the content in file "WebDev.WebServer.exe.manifest"
    in folder "Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DevServer\9.0" I can email them to any email id. Tried to pasted it but blogspot is blocking it.

    Anyone to unravel this mystery?

  13. @Tanuj

    any idea on how to script extracting from winrar & then copying the extracted file

  14. @vijay
    it can be due to your windows server edition , in simple windows xp this is not invoked..
    And also if 198 kb is not creating any problem then theres nothing to bother.. But if you still bother write a simple batch file..of copying the file into the specified folder and add to system startup or registery keys that will run every time you run your system.

  15. @Vijay

    I read your problem where you stated that file gets changed be it at any location.

    Password protect your file so that it does not get change by itself.

    I am using Win Xp SP1 and it just works fine for me. 133kb..

    Tanuj Bansal

  16. ya..its relly work wel....thank man...really great

  17. Thanks Amit. Your solution solves my problem.

  18. Hey AMit thanx 4 the solution bro. Itreally works...n is a very simple 2 step procedure ....Thanx a lot...U rock

  19. Hey, guys! I solved this problem without your recommendations - I just switched off my firewall! )))
    It seems more easy and reliable solution, isn't it?

  20. i am not able to download the file , please provide me the correct URL.

    Thanks Aarun Awasthi

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  22. the best solution u r simply a wizard.........................luv u sweet heart

  23. Mr Amit tq, your for your link and solusion it's work

  24. hi,
    thank you very much Mr Amith....

  25. Thanks Mr. Amit....it works well with vs2008 & I have one more request could you post fresh copy of webserver for vs2010.. I have same problem with it...
    Thaks alot

  26. Its still giving the same error bro .....
    Can u help me about dat ...!!

  27. wow its really working boss thanka a lot.. where r u from i wanna talk to professional like you this is krishna chaitanya from visakhaptanam

    if possible reply me at kajuguy@gmail.com

  28. thanks for your help, i have a deadline project and i have that problem, so i can continue my project, thanks for all.

  29. I guess the file has been moved from the link.Please suggest me the solution asap.

  30. thks mr amit i really want this 1 search for this 3 days

  31. Hi Amit
    I am also facing the same problem. I have installed Visual Studio 2010 ultimate and my OS is Windows 7. On C drive i have 2 folders of Program file one is C:\Program Files & other is C:\Program Files (x86)
    In C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer DevServer folder is present in this location but on the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared there is no DevServer folder is present.

    I am not sure from which path asp.net is taking WebDev.WebServer.exe.

    Can you please help me out in this issue.

  32. Thank you so much Amit.


  33. hello frnds,
    I am facing a problem in my local pc.
    I am working on .net 2008 but it is not debugging the website and wenever i run the project it gives error like "unable to connect to asp.net development server"

    I tried by reinstalling it again. Problem is getting solved for 1 days but again same problem
    I have tried almost all the solutions pl help.
    Without debugging i cant work.

  34. Hi Amit..

    It is giving the same error even after I copy that file and pasted it in the path u suggested... Please help....

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  36. my DevServer folder is not displaying under microsoft shared, now what do i do??

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  38. my DevServer folder is not displaying under microsoft shared, now what do i do??

  39. it cant work properly .ichange the exe but now error show: the application not initialize properly what can i do pls?